Creating a platform

In order to make it as a successful author; indie or legacy, it helps to establish a ‘platform’.

Building a platform refers to establishing a presence that connects to your potential readers, enabling them to access your work.

Writing is my priority, though I have no platform of readers interested in my work. If I publish my book into a vacuum of interest, I am leaving my success to luck. Building a platform before publication will give your writing a leg up once it is distributed. If you have written a masterpiece and only your Mum knows about it; be prepared for your book to be lost at sea for a while.

There are many brilliant works out there that are undiscovered by the masses or even their specific niche. Whilst I have no expectation of being discovered by the masses. I would like to give people who are looking for a good fantasy read the chance to find my book when it is available.

So what have I been up to?

I have created this WordPress blog, started a Twitter account, a Goodreads account and rejoined the Facebook fray. This should give any possible readers of my work the chance to connect with me and my work.

There is a factor here to be aware of when first establishing a platform to engage with readers. It is very time consuming. My editing process for Dragon Choir has slowed to establish these connections. Be aware of your time and keep writing your book the priority.

Is a book without a reader really a book? Is a reader without a book really a reader?

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