Invisible backstory adds flavour

There are swaths of information a writer of sci-fi and fantasy builds up via world building that is in addition to data a writer of general fiction might accumulate. All fiction writers build up a large bulk of character, setting and prop outlines and many other documents that are interesting in themselves.
A novel provides such a small glimpse of an imaginary world. The characters portrayed in Dragon Choir are only a few of the interesting individuals roaming the world of Oranica. I have enough fodder for a few lifetimes of stories from this diverse magical world.
I have gone far back in the worlds history to explain its creation and how the different humanoid and fantasy species came to exist alongside humans. I found that when you go far enough into a a fantasy world’s past you are writing science fiction. Everything that happens in Dragon Choir has been calculated and accounted for according to the rules of the unique magical system and the context of those who wield it. The fantasy creatures have an evolutionary and biological context for their behaviour. The humanoid species have a bit more depth with the addition of cultural and historical frames of reference. The two great cities of Jando and Calimska were founded by people from very different geographic, cultural and political origins and evolved magical cultures that have opposing taboos. How can opposing magical cultures be reconciled when they clash? Dragon Choir has many layers that are subtly applied and will flavour all of the books in the series.

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