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An Exciting Mix of Politics, Magic, Wit, and Possibly Unrequited Love

Dead Letter was my introduction to Benjamin Descovich’s epic fantasy series Dragon Choir. He has gained my admiration with his literary skill. His writing style is formal, but not austere. It’s intellectual, but not difficult to comprehend. He mixes politics, magic, wit, and the possibility of unrequited love. There is adventure, suspense, and mystery. Who is behind the worst crimes and what is a dead letter?

The content is young adult appropriate. Descovich’s characters are well developed. His heroine, Kettna, is personable with weaknesses, strengths, driven by love and a sense of duty to her fellow Calimskan citizen. The conflict in her relationships adds further layers to the story. For example, her relationship with her parents isn’t perfect, especially not with her mother, and her boyfriend is missing or not wanting to be found. There are twists in the story with a few loose ends at the end that will leave you wanting to read more! I am certainly looking forward to reading more books in the series.

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