Amit Dutta

Amit is an award-winning concept artist with a knack for environmental design. Looking at the technical expertise displayed in his works, you would never guess that he is self-taught. While working a day job in IT as a senior technical analyst, Amit burned the midnight oil painting nights and weekends, before he made the inspirational leap all artists dream of … working full-time for his art.
He has carved a career for himself through hard work, passion and a dedication to improving his skills.
Not only is he busy working on freelance work, he has dedicated his time to help other visual artists enhance their skills. Improve your craft with content rich art lessons via his Youtube channel. Amit’s contributions to budding and emerging artists are a fine example of how creatives can work better together. I’m a strong believer that when artists share their talents and collaborate, we build a stronger, more fertile art community.
Check out my favourites from his portfolio.
Stealin by Amit Dutta
The Last Outpost by Amit Dutta
The City of Dimah by Amit Dutta
Pole Station AlphaOmegaOmicronZeeTheta by Amit Dutta
Vurt by Amit Dutta
The Final Voyage by Amit Dutta
HEATHEN – Brotherhood Colony Outpost by Amit Dutta
Four Seconds to Green by Amit Dutta
Amit’s talent has been recognised by the world famous studio, Weta Workshop. His work was was handpicked and published in Paul Tobin’s Science Fiction and Fantasy showcase White Cloud Worlds Volume 3. He features alongside other New Zealand greats famous for their work on The Lord of the Rings, Mad Max: Fury Road, King Kong, Chappie, Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar and District 9.
If you are in New Zealand you can check out his work being shown in the Imaginary Worlds exhibition which is open until 8th Feb 2016.
Check out more of Amit’s Portfolio on Tumblr and his Deviant Art page.
Find him on Facebook.
Get in contact and commission him for your next project.

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