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Dragon Choir Hit #1 in Amazon Charts!

AMAZON_BESTSELLERA massive thank you to all my supporters in the UK and Canada who helped Dragon Choir reach dizzying heights and made me an Amazon Bestseller!

  • #1 for Epic Fantasy
  • #1 for Sword and Sorcery
  • #1 for Contemporary Fantasy


With your support I also broke the top ten overall!

  • #4 overall in the UK and Canada

With all of your help Dragon Choir even cracked the top #100 in the USA, the toughest market of all!

I am so very thankful to have such a great response to my promotions for Dragon Choir. Still buzzing with the excitement of the past week riding the charts so high.

Thanks Amazon and thanks to my fabulous fans of fantasy!

Imperius Designs


Imperius Designs Logo


The mind behind Imperius Designs is Vlad Petrescu , a graphic designer from Bucharest,Romania. He has been working in graphic design for ten years and connects with his clients through Graphic River and 99designs. While creating concepts for the cover of Dragon Choir, Vlad was original, creative and adaptable.

Imperius_Designs_DC COVER


Vlad has a talent for creating  minimalist, retro, abstract and modern themes. He cracks out posters, flyers, book covers, facebook & twitter banners and themes, product packaging, business cards and logos. See what I mean by adaptable! Check out some of his samples below.





Like Vlad’s style?

Get him to whip something up for you.

Enquiries to
Buy from his portfolio at


Envelup Design

New Face for Dragon Choir

Lance Buckley of Envelup Design is the man behind Dragon Choir’s new cover.

Check out his portfolio. Lance specialises in book covers, brand design and album covers.

Lance’s Selected Works

Lance has been working closely with the cinematic rock band, Starset, who perform a theatrical fusion of dystopian sci-fi and rock!



Head to his website and get in contact.

Unlimited Book Reviews

Find something good in Kindle Unlimited Fantasy and Science Fiction

Have you been having trouble finding something decent to read on your Kindle?

Check out Unlimited Book Reviews for succinct advice on what books rock and what books do not. I was absolutely chuffed to have Dragon Choir reviewed and ranked in the “Best” category for books to read. Click here for the review and have a look at the great selection of books. It will save you trawling through the not so good Fantasy and Sci-fi on offer.

Paperback Available Now!

Get your hands on the real thing. Available now at and (Plus every other Amazon)

Here it is (as promised) in time for Christmas.
Santa was whispering in my ear, though I’d have preferred Mrs Claus—less whiskers and no halitosis. Anyway, I’ve added an option to bundle a free digital copy with every paperback order, so you can enjoy the story any way you like.

(For those stuck in the faraway land of Australia looking for a cheap shipping option – Book Depository will have it for sale in 6-8 weeks). Santa is in a legal dispute with the current government over having to tighten his belt and power down his renewable Christmas cheer.

I Love Maps

Maps are a special kind of art. Their beauty is often passed over for their function, but every map possesses a rare kind of potential, something magical.

Whoa there! Magical?

You must think I’m just a typical fantasy writer, banging on about magic again. Well that might be part of it, but let me explain the rest.

Jingle Bells

Ever since I was a kid, looking at a map would send jingling bells up my spine. From mud maps on a scrap of paper to detailed foldouts in National Geographic, I couldn’t resist them. My desk drawer was stuffed with piles of hand-sketched maps, documenting secret hideouts, traps and treasure. I even had a map of my hometown sticky-taped to my wall with annotations showing the locations of my friends’ houses.

My favourite fantasy books all began with a map and followed with a story that delivered the promise hidden in the landscape. Dungeons and Dragons lured me in to play the magic upon the map, and with the digital age came an evolving boon of sci-fi and fantasy computer games. Even today, at the bleeding edge of gaming, the most immersive and well-loved games revolve around a map. The map is our foundation; it is the lynchpin that connects us to the magic of possibility.

Mental Stretch

No matter how large or detailed the map, I examine the edges and wonder what exists outside its jurisdiction. Maps trigger a mental stretching that teases out the possible from the known. There is always more to a map than what you see; change the scale, change the perspective, and change your world.

Sticks and Sand

I contend that maps are a link to our deepest psychological urges of curiosity and territory. They are an embodiment of demarcation, inherently political in how they are depicted and interpreted. Once our primal drive involved patrolling the clan patch and scent marking trees as we went (I know some people who still do), wondering what lay on the other side of a river or ravine. We evolved from sticks drawing lines in the sand, to quill and ink, charting ever further across oceans to exotic lands, always pushing the boundaries of existing maps (often to the detriment of those in discovered territories). Today the great unknowns of nautical and geographic exploration expand further still with astronomical pioneers.

Maps are Magic

The humble map is the device that mentally transports us and inserts us in a physical terrain tinted with cultural heritage, lined with political borders and soaked in context. Maps weave a world and compress it into an image.

That, for me, is something magical.

Political Correctness & Cartography

For my debut novel, Dragon Choir, I wanted to create a map that spoke with the politics of the fictional mapmaker. My map establishes the bigoted perspective of a colonising power. Maps throughout history have been tools of propaganda, yet I have noticed that the majority of maps for fantasy fiction are devoid of political or cultural imprints. Fantasy maps can add extra punch to a narrative if they have a contextual point of view. Why be politically neutral if the plot of your book is politically contentious? Political borders are as fluid as the opinion of the powers that commission the maps.

Below is the map I created using ProFantasy software, Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3). Why did I use this software? The simple answer is that it is the best mapmaking software on the market. The ProFantasy website and community is jam full of support and ideas. The CAD software is powerful and upgradable, allowing an amateur cartographer like me to produce a professional looking map like this.

Dragon Choir Map_PB
Map for my novel, Dragon Choir.


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Dragon Choir has shipped!

Over the last week I have been ironing out formatting and distribution kinks, but now I can safely say that my baby has been released into the wild. Be among the first to get your hands on Dragon Choir; the action packed, tightly woven, epic fantasy spectacular you’ve been dying to read.

Dragon Choir is available through the following distribution networks.


Amazon, or any other Amazon.


Apple iBooks


Barnes & Noble




Smashwords have a great website for new Authors. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Invisible backstory adds flavour

There are swaths of information a writer of sci-fi and fantasy builds up via world building that is in addition to data a writer of general fiction might accumulate. All fiction writers build up a large bulk of character, setting and prop outlines and many other documents that are interesting in themselves.
A novel provides such a small glimpse of an imaginary world. The characters portrayed in Dragon Choir are only a few of the interesting individuals roaming the world of Oranica. I have enough fodder for a few lifetimes of stories from this diverse magical world.
I have gone far back in the worlds history to explain its creation and how the different humanoid and fantasy species came to exist alongside humans. I found that when you go far enough into a a fantasy world’s past you are writing science fiction. Everything that happens in Dragon Choir has been calculated and accounted for according to the rules of the unique magical system and the context of those who wield it. The fantasy creatures have an evolutionary and biological context for their behaviour. The humanoid species have a bit more depth with the addition of cultural and historical frames of reference. The two great cities of Jando and Calimska were founded by people from very different geographic, cultural and political origins and evolved magical cultures that have opposing taboos. How can opposing magical cultures be reconciled when they clash? Dragon Choir has many layers that are subtly applied and will flavour all of the books in the series.