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The Book Addict’s Reviews

I am now a Huge Fan!!

Jump on Board this Amazing Series!!!!

This was a really good read! I’ve been a huge fan of detective mixed with fantasy stories since I first started reading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I don’t know if there is a special button I’m supposed to be pressing on amazon to find this wonderful mixture, but since I haven’t been able to find a book that is just as good as that series elsewhere I highly recommend reading Dead Letter. I imagine the sequel is just as awesome, so you should already go ahead and buy that while you’re still shopping!

The setting is awesome, and character development is there! It’s refreshing and fun. Full of cool twists and turns. I don’t even know what more you could want from a book???? Nothing. That’s what.

I don’t say this often, but I think this author may become a new favorite of mine.

Although a warning for those who are a bit faint at heart. There is some gore, not much but a bit to throw you off if that’s not what you like in books. But if you don’t have an issue with the gore then I recommend you click buy immediately 🙂

Big Al’s Books and Pals

Rip-Roaring Adventure
Full of Intrigue and Espionage
Five Stars!
Elrin is a young man, not yet twenty, trying to find his way in the world without his father. He’s currently serving as a messenger between a priest he trusts – Herder Kleith – and the Guild Master. Nosing around the Guild Master’s study, waiting to deliver a missive, Elrin picks up a mysterious dagger to study. When he overhears secrets between the Guild Master and an unknown source his life is suddenly in jeopardy. Narrowly escaping the Guild Guards, Elrin flees to Kleith who dresses Elrin in priests robes and sends him across land and then to the Hoard Islands to seek the Dragon Choir for help. Kleith is unable to see the dagger in Elrin’s possession, but knows it well. It belonged to Elrin’s father, Arbajkha, who has been missing for over half of Elrin’s life.
Thus begins this rip-roaring adventure full of intrigue and espionage between political and religious leaders who wish to hold power over all the surrounding nations and the sea. Elrin inadvertently ends up with an eclectic band of diverse rebels who wish to free the Jandan slaves and restore justice to all. As with every epic fantasy there are many characters, but I found each one fully rounded and unique. I had no trouble liking or identifying with all of the heroes. The bad guys were the most vile ever to live. There are epic battles with swords, magic, and arrows on land and cannons with black powder at sea as pirates join in for their share of the spoils while still aiding the rebellion.
There are prophecies to decipher, ogres, evil redeemers, mage priests, drakkin type warriors, a beautiful assassin, a confused naval captain with a decent heart, hobbit type humans, dwarfs, a young elemental acolyte they name Amber, and dragons to boot! This intelligently told story is bound to sweep you up as the plot twists and turns with each new revelation. If you love intricate high fantasy epic adventures, Dragon Choir is worth checking out. A small warning though, this book does end in a cliff-hanger that will have you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next book.
Rating: ***** Five stars
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The Schwartz Reviews

So chuffed to be reviewed by Kristine Schwartz.

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The first novel in a new epic fantasy series that captures the reader whole heartedly from beginning to end is rated at an amazing FIVE STARS from the Schwartz Reviews.

My first thoughts were: So far, a few pages in and you’ve got me. I’m totally all in with the need to know what happens next! This book has unique names, constant changing settings, and builds the readers’ questions from the get go.

This story has a good build up to an even better ending. Descovich does an amazing job with this fast paced action packed novel. Elrin, an adolescent boy, develops nicely throughout this story into a brave young man. A character that is developed so well that the reader is in his corner rooting him along on his journey. Unfortunately, Elrin is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which sends him on his journey for answers. As inquisitive as Elrin is, he soon finds himself trying to discover the secret of the Dragons Choir in order to save his father and end the stranglehold of an unforgiving nation. Minni whom is fearless, smart, and cunning decides to help Elrin. Elrin begins to ask questions, realizing that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

I found that this novel was extremely well written. The descriptions were not overdone, therefore, the book better holds the readers’ attention. It was a unique story, and was edited thoroughly and I found no errors amongst the pages. All in all, I am unable to come up with anything negative to note about this book. Great captivating story.

If you like pirates and dragons then this book is one to add to your reading list.