Consuelo Pecchenino

Consuelo or Conzi as she is better known studied Fashion Design at the University of Florence, before moving to Berlin to work on set design for the Russian House and the Theatre Lieder un Worte. She has traveled around Germany working as a visual effects artist for commercial, animation, cinema and television. Her impressive client list includes Pixomondo(think CGI for Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Into Darkness and more), Storz&Escherich and Chroma Media. Her main tools are Photoshop, Cinema4d, After Effects and Vue.

My fantasy novel Dragon Choir has a few epic battles aboard spectacular ships like these gorgeous galleons. To make this image Conzi created 160 layers of artwork in photoshop. The finished product is testament to a grand vision. The fury of the tempest splashes through the screen. It might be an unlucky Sunday for these ships with the twister ahead, but for me, laying eyes on this piece of art was a fortunate day indeed. I just love it!

Unlucky Sunday by Consuelo Pecchenino Unlucky Sunday by Consuelo Pecchenino

I’m a big fan of tall ships and the age of sail. For me a fantasy world is incomplete without sailing ships and vast oceans. So I want to honour the sheer depth of work in this piece. Check out the early sketch and the final product side by side.

Unlucky Sunday (early work beside finished product) by Consuelo Pecchenino Unlucky Sunday (early work beside finished product) by Consuelo Pecchenino

Conzi has done many fantasty, sci-fi and steam punk pieces. Here are some of my favourites.

Madonna pagana by Consuelo Pecchenino Madonna Pagana by Consuelo Pecchenino

Madonna Paganna was inspired by a Turin exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite works. Conzi explains “In Pre-Raphaelite works the recurring themes are death, beauty and symbolism. The crown of violets that she brings to the head, for example, symbolize death and tragic love.”

Abendfeuer Girl by Consuelo Pecchenino Abendfeuer Girl by Consuelo Pecchenino

Get your Steampunk on with this piece. It is from a personal project of Conzi’s called Estr3lla.  This gal is an architect from the parallel dimension of Estr3lla. Conzi explains that in this dimension the occupation is a touch more hazardous than on in our world.

I’m intrigued! Maybe Conzi will keep us up to date with Estr3lla as it develops.

If you are looking for a fantastic CG artist look her up for freelance work!
Her website is
To see more of Conzi check her out at her Deviant Art page and CG Society page or follow her on facebook.

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