Dead Letter Cover is Hot Property

I’ve been getting so many compliments about the cover art on Dead Letter!

You can see why. It is so eye catching and dynamic. The colours have really come alive and the shadows and smoke add the perfect sense of mystery to match the story inside.

I love it and I’m so glad that my readers love it too.

This post is a massive shout out to the cover artist, award-winning illustrator, Amit Dutta aka Monkey Bread.

Thanks a bunch, Amit!

You ROCK the set!!!


Amit captured a scene in the novel with more magic than I ever hoped would be possible. The cover shows Novice Kettna, casting a modified cantrip called Hot Hand.

She grasped the lock on the door with her super heated hand and focussed all her remaining mana into the spell. The lock went red-hot then yellow and the timber around it smoked and cindered. Kettna’s legs gave way, her body weak from the intense magical strain, but she would not let go of the lock.

I just love the detail of the magical tattoos brimming with power! Especially the visual description of some symbols being triggered and others not. Fantastic stuff!

Check out more of Amit’s portfolio on Tumblr and his Deviant Art page.
Find him on Facebook.
Get in contact and commission him for your next project.

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