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Prelude to the #1 Epic Fantasy Best Seller, Dragon Choir.

An outcast sorcerer is lost in the city of gold, boiling in a cauldron of lies.

Novice Kettna is commissioned to solve a string of robberies, but is haunted by a forbidden secret. Murder, blackmail and espionage drive her investigation into the shadows of danger where she must confront Bloody Agnus, the queen of the criminal underworld. Can a mage with failing magic discover the truth to find her lost love and save the city from itself?

Sword and Sorcery simmering with Mystery and Mayhem.

Dive into the magical world of Oranica and steel yourself for adventure. From the boundless imagination of bestselling author, Benjamin Descovich, comes a turbulent tale set in the City of Gold, Calimska. The daughter of the Archmagus has an impenetrable intellect, but her talent with magic is waning. To her shame, she is incapable of passing the trials of sorcery and is sent to serve on the city guard. With the help of a caustic, yet beautiful, guardian and a poor kitchen hand, Kettna uncovers a deadly conspiracy that threatens the great city.

Only one thing can keep a secret buried, a Dead Letter.

Do you review ebooks?

Authors wouldn’t be anywhere without readers like you.

Our books would never have a chance without kind and thoughtful reviewers.

What you think really matters.

Seriously! You can make a writer’s career, or break it.

I am forever grateful that I have gained so many positive reviews for my work. I am confident that I create quality epic fantasy. I don’t dumb things down. I trust that my reader understands the genre. I lead the reader through an immersive narrative of discovery in the POV of different main characters. If the character doesn’t know about it, or isn’t thinking about it, there is no narration from a godlike perspective to fill in every diverting nook and cranny. Fantasy worlds are full of those! It is no wonder fantasy page counts are so high. I strive to keep the narrative tight. If a subject is not important to the storyline, or the world building, it does not receive a long dedication.

I respect reviewers. Your time is valuable.

You have a tough task balancing personal taste with knowledge of genre, understanding
of narrative conventions, grammar, spelling and so much more. I don’t want to waste your time with a book that is not the kind of thing you like. You deserve to read a book that ticks the right boxes and is a pleasure for you to review.

Read on to find out if my books are a good fit for you.

What do you like in your fantasy?

  • Want a cookie cut from a famous fantasy fable?
  • Want simple dragons dominated by the whims of humanity?
  • Want overpowered magic in an unbalanced ecosystem?
  • Want polished heroes and heroines without a flaws?
  • Want one-dimensional villains and evil without motive or mortal desire?
  • Want fairy princesses, trusting vassals and simple political scenarios?
  • Want your fantasy steeped in urban teenage anxiety?
  • Want vampires that glitter and werewolves that wax?
  • Want a single character to follow or an all knowing god to tell everyone’s story?
  • Want every plot line tied in a neat bow by the end?

If you answered yes to any of the above, that’s fantastic! There is nothing wrong with any of the above. All of these styles can be done amazingly well. Many of the best and most popular books use these ideas. I’ve been entertained reading these stories, as have millions of others.

Unfortunately, that is not the style of fantasy I write.

My books link to each other and build together. You will endure cliffhangers. If you hate cliff hangers, that’s totally understandable. I don’t want to put you in misery. Grab a stand alone book and revel in how it all wraps up like a delicious ravioli. Yum!

If you are religiously sensitive, you will find characters and religious terms and practices that may offend you. I don’t want to upset you. Have an awesome day with a different book.

If you require deep economic, political or social explainers along the way, you won’t find it spelled out in my books. You discover what is important as the plot unfolds. I will write an encyclopaedic reference in the future. World building is my guilty pleasure.

Dragons may not appear directly in the writing. Their cultural impact is strong, yet their presence in the setting of these books is seasonal. I know, dragons are awesome, we all want more, but they have a will of their own and their season is yet to come.

If you are looking for dark fantasy with strong profanity, excessive violence and graphic sex scenes, my books don’t fit the bill. While you will find graphic violence in battles and fight scenes, modern curse words are lacking and there is no hard sex involved.

If you want a happy ending, I make no guarantees. The love I write about is more realistic than fantastic. We all feel love in different ways and understand its impulse poorly. You will not find classic fantasy romance in my work.

If you have read all of this and you still want to taste my style, I might be the writer you are looking for.

I recommend you start with Dead Letter. It’s a mix of epic fantasy and mystery that ties in to the events of Dragon Choir.

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Thanks for all your hard work writing reviews and supporting literary development! No matter what kind of book you are looking for, you have my gratitude for your contribution to the art of writing.

Fantastically yours,

Benjamin Descovich