Fan Art First

Dragon Choir has it’s first work of fan art and I am blown away with excitement!

Zix was one of the first artists to feature on my site with her beautifully detailed vector art.

Check out what Zix has created.

Elrin and Minni by Zix
Elrin and Minni by ZixPainter

Fans of Dragon Choir will see how beautifully the relationship between these two characters has been captured. Both looking up at the stars like they see the future, yet from different perspectives. For me, it captures the moment they find common ground.

Elrin and Minni (WIP) by Zix
Elrin and Minni (WIP) by ZixPainter

I was so touched by this image, I asked Zix if she would let me in on how it was created.

“The idea of them lying under a cloudy night sky came to me accidently, while I tried to fall asleep (it’s a normal thing when inspiration comes to you just before you’re going to enter dreamland … at least in my life).
Since I’m not a professional artist, there were new things for me to work on: first of all, of course, the perspective. I had to stop drawing from time to time to study the anatomic form of my left hand for hints. Secondly, it was interesting to think of their outfit, with which I spent quite a lot of time. Colouring is always the most interesting step for me, so I put a lot of effort into it … as always 🙂 And the third new thing was painting the grass with this perspective, I tried my best there…”

Zix, you have done me a very special thing by creating this picture.

Thank you so much!

You can check out more of Zix’s works on her Deviant Art page.
A left field connection here… She has done a fantastic Robert Downey Jr. too. If you are a fan like me, you’ll love it!

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