Sebastien Hue

Sebastien is dedicated to the CG art scene. Not only does he produce his own fantastic works and deliver outstanding commissions for his clients, Sebastien gives back to the CG art community via tutorials and workshops in various publications including Advanced Creation Photoshop3D Art DirectAdvanced Photoshop, and more.

He has also featured in two fantastic books alongside the best in the business:

Digital Mayhem 3D Landscape Techniques which shows the secrets to creating stunning landscapes and Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques which is a detailed and innovative guide to professional machine images. These books are a must for any aspiring CG artist and are filled with hundreds of masterpieces from the top talent in CG art. Both are Compiled by Duncan Evans, launch Editor of 3D Artist Magazine.

With all the above you’d be quite proud, but Sebastien’s talent has also led him to work with big names in publishing across the globe such as Harper Collins (USA), Imagine Publishing (UK), Oracom (France) and Basteï Lubbe (Germany). The games industry picked up on his skills and he has worked with majors like Iceberg Interactive with a long catalogue of sci-fi strategies and Ukando, indie creators of Alien Tribe 2. Because I’m a big believer in indie art I’m sending a super digital high five to the folks at Ukando, Keep up the great work! Alien Tribe is one of my favourite ipad games. Who knew that I’d be featuring the artist behind Alien Tribe’s awesome artwork. It’s a beautiful world.

Attraction by Sebastien Hue Attraction by Sebastien Hue

I just love the action in this scene. I can imagine it just like a movie with the ships screaming through the tumbling asteroids and the slow dance of the planets in the background.

The Emperor's Spire by Sebastien Hue for the game Horizon. The Emperor’s Spire by Sebastien Hue for the game Horizon.

Here is a piece that game developer L30 commissioned for their game Horizon (get it on Steam to satisfy your appetite for space conquest).

From Another Age - Concept 5 - Extractors by Sebastien Hue From Another Age – Concept 5 – Extractors by Sebastien Hue

I’ve paraphrased Sebastien’s explanation: The Mecha Nation use advanced technologies to pump and extract water. They send huge extractor spaceships to explore and drain the liquid like gigantic squid-shaped parasites. They bring the cargo back to the main station and thus fuel a planet of their own. Basically it’s a planet powered by nuclear reactors and protected by a heavy plasma shield.

Sweet Sci-fi to nourish your soul!

Dragon's Anger by Sebastien Hue Dragon’s Anger by Sebastien Hue

If you think Sci-fi is all Sebastien can do…think again and take in this dragon. Fine work indeed. That bad boy is ready for the hunt.

The Lost Ship by Sebastien Hue The Lost Ship by Sebastien Hue

The Lost Ship is a work that makes me think of the tall ships from my Dragon Choir series. The jagged mountains and the sunset could have been painted straight from the pages. This piece shocked me when I found it because I wrote a scene just like this for a yet to be released novel in my book series. For me, this is the magic of art, where an artist creates perfect resonance with a thought or feeling of another person. I am really touched by this and so grateful to have discovered such a talent. I’m sure you feel the same.

Sebastien has so many more epic works in his portfolio. Make sure you check out the links below for more.
Join him in the Deviant Art community.
Follow Sebastien of Facebook.
If you want your project to have galactic impact check out Sebastien’s website and commission some spectacular digital art.

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