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Dead LetterDeadLetter_Ebook_300

Prelude to the #1 Epic Fantasy Best Seller, Dragon Choir.

An outcast sorcerer is lost in the city of gold, boiling in a cauldron of lies.

Novice Kettna is commissioned to solve a string of robberies but is haunted by a forbidden secret. Murder, blackmail and espionage drive her investigation into the shadows of danger where she must confront Bloody Agnus, the queen of the criminal underworld. Can a mage with failing magic discover the truth to find her lost love and save the city from itself?

Sword and Sorcery simmering with Mystery and Mayhem.

Dive into the magical world of Oranica and steel yourself for adventure. From the boundless imagination of bestselling author, Benjamin Descovich, comes a turbulent tale set in the City of Gold, Calimska. The daughter of the Archmagus has an impenetrable intellect, but her talent with magic is waning. To her shame, she is incapable of passing the trials of sorcery and is sent to serve in the city guard. With the help of a caustic, yet beautiful, guardian and a poor kitchen hand, Kettna uncovers a deadly conspiracy that threatens the great city.

Only one thing can keep a secret buried, a Dead Letter.

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Five years travelling faster than light in a colony transport goes slower than you think…But, the credits are worth it.

Captain Ona and her crew are ready to collect a tidy sum for delivering the Flock to Paradise. On the cusp of seeding the colony, they encounter a force that will forever change them. This is what happens when science collides with fantasy.

This is a short story—flash fried for busy readers who want a tasty snack.

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The Devil is in the Potato

Heroes Have to Start Somewhere.

Fenton dreams of winning Jillian’s affection. But, how is a peasant to compete against a tourney of knights in shining armour? With only two coppers in his pocket and a lucky vest, he needs a plan … and his best friend.

This is a short story—fresh forged for fantasy readers who desire a lighthearted adventure.

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"Prepare yourself for a fantasy romp of epic proportions."

Dragon Choir

Fast-paced action sautéed in a deliciously immersive narrative style.

Intelligent storytelling will teleport you into a rich and expansive world of magic where two powerful cultures collide in a deadly dance of politics and espionage. Both must contend with the seasonal migration of dragons lusting for gold and a rebellion gnawing for an end to slavery. Sword and sorcery explode from the pages on an epic scale following the exploits of a young man with a bounty on his head, a beautiful assassin who keeps her secrets close and a feisty rebel general with a plan to topple his oppressors. Only one thing can bring them together. The Dragon Choir.

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Blood Monsoon

Book Two in the Dragon Choir Series

Gold to the Grave… The Dragon Season has come!

The Dragon Choir is broken, new prophecies emerge and the rebellion hangs in the balance. Dragons hunt our heroes and crooked villains plot the return of an evil to make even the gods falter. Secrets are revealed and the key to everything spins on a brutal wheel of death.

Rebels and pirates make landfall after an impossible victory at sea. The armada is shattered, but the Council of Jando holds the frontier towns with an iron fist. Calimska raises the magical Golden Shield and an army of dragons begin a war to enslave Oranica under a tyrant King. Are the companions strong enough to survive what immortals fear?

Return to all your favourite heroes and villains in Blood Monsoon! 

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Works in Progress…

Darkness Bright

Book Three in the Dragon Choir Series

Return to Calimska and settle the score. Dragons rage and our heroes are tested. The secrets of men and gods shift the fate of Oranica, while the tyrant King unveils his power.


23 thoughts on “My Books

        1. THANKS!!!! You are absolutely awesome, Lesley. I’ll send you a special email later today! Doing the school run at the moment. Have a fabulous day!

    1. Thanks Graham! So glad you enjoyed Dead Letter. Make sure you post a review on Amazon or Apple iBooks or Kobo or Barnes & Noble or whichever place you like to download your ebooks. That is the most powerful thing to help an Indie writer keep on writing what you love. Much appreciated!

  1. I enjoyed reading Dead Letter and can’t wait for the sequel to Dragon Choir. Just left a review on by Sandra J but it hasn’t posted quite yet. Hurry up with the next book!!!

    1. Thanks Sandra! I really appreciate your kind review (even the kick in the pants to finish Blood Monsoon) 🙂 .
      Be assured I am working on it as fast as life allows. I’ve even started a Patreon page for it to get finished even quicker. (Kind of like Kickstarter for art projects based on pledges of support in exchange for the novel and extras along the way. It’s at if you want to check it out. I’ll let everyone know about it soon. I just have to wrap up a few things with Dead Letter. Thanks again, Sandra. 🙂

  2. The Devil is in the Potato may only be a short novella but Benjamin has shown me that he has rare talent for writing and filling his books with excitement and intrigue. Fast paced, filled with believable characters. The Devil is in the potato is a great short read.
    Keep up the good work, Benjamin.

  3. Just read Dragging chior / Loved it ..Hate you for leaving me in the air with three or more characters unaccounted for,now I’ve got to chew my nails until blood monsoon comes out ..Aaarrh

    1. LOL! You cracked me up, Alan! Dragging Choir? Sounds like I wrote about sequins, vivacious strutting, and glamour! Lots of glamour. 🙂 Hope you liked the adventure, even for all your nail biting.
      Have you read Dead Letter yet?

  4. Dead Letter absolute brilliant book, loved all the characters espacially Inspector Kettna, hopefully more in Dragon Choir, posted review on Amazon uk and Goodreads mate.

    1. Thanks so much, Sean! So glad you thought it was a brilliant book. Wow! I’m blushing! 🙂 Kettna is back in Blood Monsoon to solve the riddle of the Dragon Choir. Things are getting hot with dragons all a’fluster! 🙂

    1. Cheers! I’ll take that as a compliment. 😉
      I wrote The ol’ Potato as a standalone short. But everyone keeps telling me to write more. Of course, more does happen to the young heroes. I’ve decided I will write in their part of Oranica again and let everyone know what they get up to. I’ve just got to find the time. Darkness Bright is my project for now…
      I’m a tale-spinning tortoise who dreams of sprinting a story like the proverbial hare. Hehehe

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